Calgary-based company dedicated to the delivery of high quality industrial automation, electrical and instrumentation solutions and services to our clients.


What's the plan?

This proposal is for the creation of a promotional video for Tetranex to tell your story, the history and development of the company and the exceptional products and services Tetranex provides to it's clients.

This new Tetranex film will bring a never before seen look and exciting insights to potential clients and give them an idea of what it is like to work with Tetranex. We will be creating a commercial that is captivating for prospective clients, staff and current customers while staying relevant for years to come. 

Watching the video will provide potential clients with knowledge of the company and a feeling that they can rely on Tetranex to solve their industrial automation, electrical and instrumentation needs.


Goals & Deliverables

  • Create an incredible video showcasing your products and services 

  • Film captivating interviews

  • Film the manufacturing process

  • Cover the essential parts of your business: electrical engineering, electrical design & drafting, control engineering, control systems & configuration, digital infrastructure, instrumentation and field services. 

  • 1 minute in length (all departments, history, future)

  • Copywritten and reviewed script

  • Storyboard video scenes

  • Create assets that are useable long-term

  • High end cinema camera, lenses, and lighting will be used.

  • Improve overall branding, interactive website, increased social media presence, Youtube Preroll ad, video to be used for Trade shows.


All of our pricing is based off of years of industry experience, the tools we bring to set and our ability to no only deliver a stunning final product, but to do so in a timely manor. This breakdown is an estimate of what we believe it will take to truly bring this piece to fruition and give Tetranex long lasting high quality marketing assets.