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BlackHouse Cinema provides specialty camera equipment for any production that requires  unique camera movements. From network Film and TV to commercials aired on national television and online campaigns, we have the tools to bring any and all visions to life.

Client: Chevrolet Canada

Production Company: Steam Films

Director: Goh Iromoto

DP: Kristofer Bonnell

Arm Car:  BlackHouse Cinema

Client: GMC

Production Company: Expedition Studios

Directors: Renan Ozturk - Eric Crosland

Arm Car Rocky Mountains Location:

BlackHouse Cinema

Client: ATB Financial

Production Company: Meta Productions

Director: John Cameron

DP: Aaron Bernakevitch

Arm Car: BlackHouse Cinema

Client: Porsche Centre Calgary

Production Company: BlackHouse Cinema

Director: Brent Callow

DP: Curtis Huisman

Editor: Brent Callow

Arm Car: BlackHouse Cinema

Client: Kia Canada

Production Company: Partners Film

Director: Kathi Prosser

DP: Adam Marsden

Arm Car: BlackHouse Cinema

Client: Jayman Homes

Production Company: Joe Media

Director: Ryley Burghall

DP: Bradley Stuckel

Arm Car: BlackHouse Cinema

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